Our Foundation Programs

The Retirement Foundation is a general programme, a global concept, an umbrella under which all of the other non-profit programmes designed for retirees are managed. It is a platform through which every working person or retiree can find one or two suitable programmes that help keep the mind off worldly problems. It is also a place for solving problems, a place where people can meet with other retirees of the world to share their joy and experiences, and meet up with other retiree groups in any part of the world. Enjoy the vision and mission of this programme. 
Retirement Clinic
This is an online forum where retirees of different vocations meet and discuss issues pertaining to health, business, and social well-being, as well as share any challenges. I call it a clinic because it serves the purpose of providing “treatment” to retirees who have burning issues. It also affords people the opportunity to meet fellow retirees and find new mentors.
Retirement Will
This is a programme that allows you as a worker or retiree to willingly give part of your estate for the development of the underprivileged and for uplifting the programmes that are part of the Retirement Foundation.
Retirement Village
Retirement Village (a non-governmental organization) will be a village of fun, excitement, and entertainment where retirees can have time out with friends and family. It will be more of an amusement park and world museum of retirees, where people from different parts of the world can do research about retirees and retirement.
Retirees’ World Microfinance Bank
Retirees make up a large percentage of the world population. Through determination and cooperation, we will launch Retirees’ World Microfinance Bank (RWMB), a bank designed to give loans with a very low interest rate to assist retirees who wish to start, or are already running, a small-scale business of their own. It is a non-governmental project aimed at catering to the financial needs of retirees and the underprivileged.
Retirement Radio
This is going to be a non-governmental radio station transmitted and operated at the international level and focusing on the Retirement Foundation’s objectives, thereby building up workers and retirees so that they have the best retirement future in terms of richness, and good and healthy living. The radio station will also encourage people to retire early, which will give them the opportunity to develop future experience and ability. As I mentioned earlier, it is time I step aside for the less experienced, less privileged, and less able so they can build the next generation of people who have experience and ability.
Retirement Television
This will also be an NGO functional base television channel and a place for retirees to connect; educate others; share; guide other retirees to do their best in the areas of business, society, morality, preparation for retirement, health, and finance; and prepare for the final retirement, which is sure to come.
Retirement Cooperative and Credit Investment Group
This is a world non-governmental organization project where able retirees are grouped for cooperative and credit investment to share in and benefit from common group goals. The group can benefit from banks or any other affiliated bodies that can assist retirees to develop their talent in other areas.
Retirement Magazine
This will be a monthly or quarterly publication reporting on events from any part of the world. People will be able to subscribe for as many copies as they want. This magazine will be especially helpful to less-privileged retirees and to people who do not have access to other forms of media like radio, television, and the Internet. The magazine will bring the Retirement Foundation programme to the grass roots.
The magazine is to be issued at subsidized affordable prices and will be available in as many languages as possible, bringing joy and awareness to retirees.
Retirement Donations
This will be a free and voluntary donation towards the development of any or all of the above-mentioned non-governmental projects. This donation programme is designed so that blessed retirees all over the world will be able to give a portion of their widow’s mite for other retirees. For instance, retirees and workers may pay a sum of M1,000/US$20/€10 or more to this programme. If anyone feels he or she can give more, then we will accept the gift.
People can pay their pledged donation weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly as the case may be and as is convenient. The programme is tagged Concerned Retirees Helping Less Able Retirees (CORELEAR).
World Retirement Insurance
This will be insurance coverage for members. I am very passionate about retirees. Many people who would have lived for another twenty or thirty years die because they are unable to raise the money to get medical treatment. With this programme, we will be able to spread the insurance coverage to those whose health is at risk and who have agreed to be part of the programme but are unable to pay the cost of medical care.